Diploma Course 0-3

The last AMI Montessori 0-3 Diploma Course was in progress since November 2013 till March 2015. The course was directed by Patricia Wallner, MA. The next course will be scheduled.

Course Director

 Patricia Wallner

Our AMI Director of Course for work with 0-3 children is Patricia Wallner, MA, from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Patricia studied history, anthropology and sociology at the San Diego State University and gained a Master’s Degree at the Loyola University in Baltimore. She is an AMI 0-3 and 3-6 diploma holder.

She conducted the 0-3 Training of Course Directors Program under the supervision of Silvana Montanaro. She has been working as an AMI Course Director since 2006. She has directed a number of diploma courses, she travels all over the world, takes part in congresses, symposiums and conferences and she has also directed many AMI refresher courses. She is one of a few AMI 0-3 Course Directors in the world.






Course Content

  • Montessori Psychopedagogy
  • Home Environment Including Philosophy and Materials
  • Obstetrics
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology (background information only)
  • Community of Children Aged 0-3 Including Philosophy and Materials
  • Music and Arts
  • Hygiene
  • Child Neuropsychiatry
  • Language Development
  • Movement Development
  • Brain Development
  • Information for Parents

Course Requirments


  • Montessori Pedagogy including Montessori Quotations
  • Observations
  • Medical Album including Child Neuropsychiatry
  • Environment I – The Home Environment
  • Psycho-Sensory-Motor Development
  • Environment II – the Infant Community

Self-made Materials

  • Students are asked to produce some materials which have to be presented by previously announced dates.
  • Some materials will be made by hand others may be purchased. The Course Director will explain which materials will be hand-made.
  • Approximate cost for materials (about 1 200 Euros) should be budgeted for by the student outside of the course fee.
  • These materials are under copyright and may not be sold or duplicated.

Books, Essays:

  • There are a number of set books by Maria Montessori to be read for the course.
  • A booklist will be sent out on acceptance of the enrolment on the course.
  • The knowledge that has been acquired through reading these books is essential to discussions, short exams and to the practical work with the materials.
  • A paper on a topic to be announced will be required of each student.

Supervised practice:

  • Practical work with the materials is an important part of the course work and hours of supervised practice will be announced.
  • The purpose of the supervised practice is to exercise the use of the Montessori materials. It is important to practice the handling and demonstration of each material and not only to have seen the presentation.
  • Attendance at supervised practice is obligatory.


  • Supervised observations with the course staff and Course Director will be arranged to establish good observation and summary techniques.

Teaching Practice:

  • Each student must be observed working with children from 0-3 by a member of the Course staff.
  • During Supervised Observations students will have an opportunity to work with children and be observed.


To enroll to the course, please send a signed Course Application to our e-mail registrace@amiprague.cz. The Organizer of the Course will confirm the enrolment of the potential coursecandidate as soon as the enrolment procedure allows it (examination of data, completion of required documents and an interview if necessary).

The following requirements must be fulfilled for successful enrolment:

  • An application form must be filled in and submitted
  • Curriculum vitae must be submitted
  • Certificates of professional training and employment must be submitted
  • Admission interview in case that any questions need to be asked
  • Registration fee of EUR 200 must be sent to the bank account of the Organizer.

The application and detailed information are to be found in Documents.

In order to teach at a Montessori School after successful completion of the course, a state school teaching diploma may be required. Although this is not a necessary requirement for admission to the course, we recommend checking whether such a certificate is needed in the country where the student intends to work.


All rules and conditions related to the course fees and payment are established by the Student Contract.

The fees are:

Registration fee: EUR 200 Due 10 days after submitting the application fee
Course fee and Exam fee: EUR 6 300 In full due before November 2014, individual payment calendars may be established.
Cost of materials: EUR 500 Students should budget extra funds for teaching materials which they will receive for their possession.

There is no exemption from or refund of enrolment fees – the course fee is non-refundable.


Course Application Form
Student Contract
Payment Calendar Template
Contact Details
Recommended and Compulsory Reading List
Course Requirements