Preparing the Environment for the Second Plane Child


Basic information

When: February 12 – 14, 2016
Where:  Montessori Institute Prague, Pod Radnicí 3, Praha 5
Price: 270 EUR or 7 500 Kč


A series of practical seminars and workshop sessions for 6-12 teachers and parents. Time will be allotted to practical work on participant’s classroom environments. Please, bring map of your own classroom. No previous Montessori training is required.

Course Director

AMI trenérka Carla FosterCarla Foster

Carla Foster has been the AMI Director of Diploma Course at Montessori Training Center of New England (MTCNE) the past few years and also works at the University College, Høgskolen i Vestfold og Buskerud, in Norway.

Carla holds a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology and Scandinavian Studies and a combined Masters degree in Old Icelandic Literature and Norwegian Literature from UC Berkeley. She has AMI 3-6 and 6-12 diplomas from MMI in London and the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee.  She has worked with children at the levels 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12, working in both private and public Montessori schools.  She has been an elementary trainer since 2011 and had the privilege of doing some of that training under Jean Miller at the Navadisha Montessori Institute in Chennai, India, and the rest under Ann Dunne in London, England.

Carla is originally from California, but has lived in Norway since 1995, where she had a 6-9 class for 12 years and consults for schools in Norway.  She has also taught ballet, modern dance, African dance and Irish dance for many years and has given workshops on writing and bringing drama, music and dance into the elementary classroom.




Day One

  • The two first planes of development and the environment: The similarities and differences
  • The environmental requirements for Cosmic Education
  • “Help us to do it together”: Creating the environment for big work and cooperation

Day Two

  • The outdoor environment for the second plane child
  • Going out
  • Practical group work with your own environments and feedback

Day Three

  • All the environments besides the classroom: Freedom, responsibility, community
  • Routines and transitions
  • The Work Diary
  • Questions and discussion