In cooperation with the Association Montessori International we provide the service of AMI mentoring for Primary Montessori schools. This service is provided by an experienced AMI trainer for Primary teachers, Maria Roth from Germany.

The Mentoring is carried out in the following manner:

The school interested to order the mentoring service, contacts the Montessori Institute Prague by email and makes the request. The trainer arrives to the Czech Republic in an agreed upon date and visits the school.

During the mentoring the trainer carries out an in-depth visit of the school and personally consults with the representatives of the school about the following:

  • level of preparation of Montessori teachers,
  • level of preparedness of the Montessori classroom,
  • work of children in the 3 hour work cycle,
  • and answers all questions the representative of the school asks.

Following the visit at the school, the trainer works out a summary report about the visit which consists of:

  • description of the level of adherence with the Montessori standards,
  • proposal of general changes leading towards meeting the Montessori standards,
  • proposal of precise concrete steps to be taken by the school which will lead towards meeting the Montessori standards.