Free webinar – Telling true history stories to activate the imagination

When: September 29, 2016, 6pm CEST
Duration: 1,5 hours
Where: Google Hangout – connect from anywhere
By: Carla Foster, AMI 6-12 teacher trainer
Price: FREE

History is the backbone of Montessori Cosmic Education, and storytelling has always been used to connect human beings with their heritage.  Human beings try to satisfy both physical and spiritual needs through invention, and this webinar explores how teachers can tell stories of everyday objects and their origins in such a way that not only gives children a few important facts, but inspires them to think about human work and activity.  I will tell some stories and go through the step by step process of making them.  Telling stories to inspire, rather than just inform, gives the children just enough to work independently, and also becomes an important model of narrative structure that will help the children to write authentic and creative non-fiction.

The lesson itself will take 30 minutes, another 1 hour will be dedicated to answering your questions live.