AMI Montessori Elementary Teacher Diploma Course trailer

Watch trailer for a 2016 summer blockbuster – AMI Elementary Teacher Diploma Course.
Starring Carla Foster, students from all over the world and the MIP staff.
Directed by Association Montessori Internationale, produced by
Montessori Institute Prague.
Coming July 2016!
More info here.

Preparing Environment for Second Plane Child

Directress of upcoming AMI Elementary Diploma course comes for a three-day seminar about prepared environment in elementary school as well as at home. It will consist of practical seminars and workshop sessions and there will be also time to consult and work on you own environment.

The seminar takes place from February 12 to February 14. Find detailed info on seminar’s page.
Prepared 6-12 Environment


AMI Primary Class Assistant Course 2016

The 2016 AMI Primary Assistant Course will take place from February 15 till February 28. It will be led by our AMI 3-6 Course Director Elina Rautasalo, who already held the Assistant Course last year.

The course will again cover the basics of Montessori theory, assistant’s movement and acting in classroom, making Montessori materials and observation in a primary class.

Find details at Course Info.